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Q. I have a week space banked and another where I have an existing reservation, what will happen to those weeks?

A. The transfer of your timeshare will not effect any existing reservations or weeks you have space banked. Make sure you do not let your membership dues with your exchange company expire before you use your weeks.

Q. Does your company transfer the timeshare out of my name?

A. Yes, through a third party. Interval Relief uses an independent licensed insured transfer company to transfer the timeshare out of your name.

Q. I have already spent over $1,000 with two different resale companies promising to sell my timeshare. I am highly skeptical of any company making similar claims. How are you any different?

A. Interval Relief is not a resale or listing company. By accepting our offer we take the financial responsibility of owning a timeshare out of your name.

Q. I have one red week and one blue week. Do all weeks and resorts qualify for your offer? 

A. No, there are certain resorts and weeks that we do not accept.  Contact us to see if your resort qualifies.

Q. Who will be responsible for my future fees?

A. By accepting our timeshare financial solution/offer Interval Relief and or it’s assignees will be responsible for all future maintenance fees special assessments and property taxes associated with the ownership of the timeshare.

Q. Is your offer a cash offer?

A. In some cases yes, in others there may be a fee involved for Interval Relief to accept your timeshare liability. It all depends on the resale value of your timeshare. We will give you a free market analysis of your specific timeshare.


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